Why Indomie Is The Best Thing Since Agege Bread

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Why Indomie Is The Best Thing Since Agege Bread

From bachelors, students in tertiary institutions to children, Nigerians have been luxuriating on Indomie for close to two decades now. Many will call it a junk food with no nutritional benefit because it’s high in carbohydrates and fat, but low other essential nutrients departments. Yet it has been a staple in many Nigerian homes.

So why can’t Nigerians get enough of Indomie

1. Children just seem to love indomie. Kids of nowadays kai! They have got no chill, no fear even if the noodles look like worms.
2. It’s fast and easy to prepare; you hardly need a Ph.D. in cookery to prepare a bowl of indomie. For a bachelor living and working in Lagos, Indomie is a life saver especially when you consider the stress of cooking when you get home from work. Call me lazy.
3. It’s probably the only food prepared by Northerners that people are comfortable eating on the road side. Remember my service year, how we used to swoon to the Mai Shai joint to take tea with a bowl of indomie.
4. When supported with egg and other enrichment, indomie isn’t so bad.
5. Wide distribution network. It is sold everywhere in Nigeria, from large retail outlets like ShopRite to your neighborhood kiosks.

Learnings for life and business

1. Start appealing to the Indomie generation. We want it quick, now, and not later. So make it easy for us to get your products and services and we will reward you with repeat purchases because well, we are lazy!

2. Keep making regularly updates and tell us when you do. When you give us a hungry man’s size, we are sure to get hungrier, so prepare to give us a hungrier man’s size. Even big phone companies like iPhone and Samsung are constantly releasing newer models of their flagship phones albeit slight improvements on legacy versions. And one thing is certain; we will buy!

3. Tell us different ways to use your products or services even though you know we are sure to invent ours. After all, we have found other uses for Cough syrups apart from the uses called out by the manufacturers. Indomie have ran various campaigns in the past on different ways to make indomie. So you do yours, use social media, we are waiting for you.

4. “Bam bam la la” or “mama do good2”? You choose, but know your target market segment and aggressive create campaigns to appeal to them.

So I hope that with these few points of mine, I have been able to convince and maybe confuse you on why indomie is the best thing since Agege bread.

A word of caution though, when I use the term indomie I refer to all the myriad of noodles sold and consumed in Nigeria, in the same vein Nigerians call any powder detergent ‘Omo’.

Honourable mention, Jumoke of Agege bread fame. Madam you somehow inspired this post. Please don’t ask me the correlation.


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